nissan 240zg race car info required

09-01-2013, 06:47 AM
hi all,
i have a model here im about to start but im wanting to fix a couple things with it first. im not 100% worried if its not all correct but if i can make it better id like to do so.
firstly it's fujimi kit HR-29 037684 1/24 nissan fairlady 240zg full works #23 race car
its white/red with what seems to be a blue lions head on the side.

id really like to find dome good photos of it racing back in the day, so if anyone has anything that would be great.

3 things i want to address if i can, any advise would be greatly apreciated.

its a bit hard to explain, ill post some photos if it doesnt make sence.
Did this car use its origonal slanted rear window or was it converted into a 'butress style' window? (a small verticle window with a horizontal deck rather than the origonal sloped along the rear hatch)
the reason i ask is that the instrucions say use the butress style rear window but the pictures on the box has the car with its standard window fitted, although this is a photo taken in a car show/museum not an action shot from the '70's so im not sure what to believe.:banghead:

it also only came with std seats, im thinking i should swap these for old school race seats.?

as most japanese models being curbside, the bonnet isnt designed to open, although it came with an engine. i will scribe it open, thats no problem. but id like it hinged.
now i know the 240z had a bonnet/hood that hinges at the front, has anyone got a solution to add some hinges to this car?

apart from that this will be a great model to build, this will be my first that i will post WIP stuff on this forum :cool:

09-01-2013, 08:37 AM
All I could find

back then


As per the Nissan museum. The museum has the car as raced

09-01-2013, 09:12 PM
thanks for all that malscar,
as much as i like that optional rear window it looks like ill be using the std one.

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