Flea Market Calsonic Skyline

08-31-2013, 03:27 PM
I bought another model even though I went and said I didn't need any more..
Found myself a Tamiya Calsonic Skyline GTR #24184. No instructions, body painted black. But all parts still in their bags all decals. I already got the instruction scans from 1999.co.jp. My only question is, are there photoetch kits for this? I seen one on ebay for 50$ but I dont want all the resin parts that came with it. Just like the brake parts and misc body items. And last, was $20 too much to pay? Thanks for anyone with any info.

08-31-2013, 11:32 PM
$20 bucks might of been abit high, but not unreasonable. Probably would of spent more buying it from ebay once you factor in shipping. I wouldn't say it was a "steal" but you didn't get robbed either. There are photoetch sets for some of the older Skyline kits, not sure on that one. I have one of the Xanavi special editions that came with a photoset and I know there were separate sets available for that generation of skylines, might be for the older ones too.


08-31-2013, 11:39 PM
i know hobby design make one for the standard tamiya R32. its HD02-0147
i had to do that a while ago when building a tamiya group a R32, i think i stole the brake disks from a PE set designed for the R34 z-tune. but i cant exactly remember.....hope that helps.

EDIT; i have edited this, thought you had a r32 not r33..sorry

09-01-2013, 11:57 AM
not sure if there are PE parts for the r33 JGTCC skyline. only the special version r34 kit (24271) came with a PE set though you could check if some of the PE parts like the rotors would fit.

09-01-2013, 07:27 PM
Ive been looking at this kit a reference photos and Im in a toss up as to if i should build it like it should be or if I should turn it street... It would look bad A$$ as a racer turned drifter. Just wondering.

09-01-2013, 11:27 PM
Studio 27 made one. It is listed in stock in Hobby Easy.


Note that the headlight in the kit is wrong for the Calsonic car. The Calsonic car did not have the squared off design that was common with the rest of the Skyline teams. Instead it used a continuous piece that cut into the front fenders.

While the headlight decal is in correct shape, Tamiya would have you apply it over the sharp corner of the front fenders. To replicate the real car you need to trace the decal around the front fender and cut the corner off. New headlight covers will also need to be made, again use the decals as template.

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