99 Grand Am Cooling Fan Issue

07-23-2013, 08:15 PM
Hey All,

I seen alot of posts about Grand Am Cooling Fan problems. But, I couldnt find a post related to the symptoms I am having.

Basically, Neither of my fans are working.
I have checked all my fuses and relays. I manually turned on both Cool Fan 1, Cool Fan 2 Relays to insure the fans come on, Which they do. I probed both wires at the fan motors again to double check they come on, which they do.

I just recharged my A/C, Compressor kicks on, A/C fan does not.
My car can get up to around 250 Degrees, And Secondary fan will not come on.

Then, I probed my wires, And at Key off, Both wires at fan are grounded. Key on, Both then come to 12 volts. I can take my power probe and add ground to one wire and fan kicks on.

I guess the question is, The Fan control relay, If it is bad, Would the bypass cause both wires to become hot?

I also probed my PCM to insure i am getting a change in voltage, Which I am.

So basically, I am confused at this point!

Any help is appreciated

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