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Looking for new, more family friendly car

07-11-2013, 08:45 AM
I currently own a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE and love it. It is a joy to drive and feels solid yet powerful. I have had 0 problems with it since I got it new off the lot.

However, in a couple months I will need a place to put a car seat. So, I am here looking for some recommendations on cars to test drive. And, beyond that, any extra packages to consider.

I plan to spend in the $30k range, but I am flexible if it is worth it.

I am naturally gravitating toward a Charger, likely the RT. I personally think the "Blacktop" package looks pretty nice, though I've never seen one in person.

What other cars do you recommend I try before i commit to something?

Rear wheel drive isn't a concern, I haven't driven anything else in almost 10 years.
Fuel economy isn't a big concern, I live 10 miles from work and 0.5 miles from any shopping I do.


10-30-2013, 11:12 AM
Hands down you might want to consider looking into Buick. The new Lacrosse is comparable in size to your Dodge but probably a little bigger. The warranty is excellent where GM gives a 4 year 50K mile bumper to bumper warranty from the date of inception and a 5 year 100K mile power train.

There are a lot a amenities and its actually pretty luxurious as well when. We have sold quite a few of them out of our dealership and you can probably walk away with a used 2013, good miles for under $30K including tax and registration.

If we can be any assistance you can PM me directly.

Good Luck!

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