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What to buy now not knowing what is coming

06-25-2013, 10:32 AM
This is long winded, so please bare with me.

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Choice of new v used v waiting
New Camry Hybrid
New Ford Fusion Hybrid
New Corolla
New Avalon Hybrid
Used whatever

The car in question is for my wife that is a realtor and most of the time drives clients in her car. I don't agree with the approach, but that's another question and who am I to question her way of selling :shakehead

She is currently driving a 2005 Camry LE w 210k on it, held up strong up until now and still drives ok but I think I am going to need a new CAT or CATs soon. The body does show a bit ware especially fading paint on the mirrors. I think they both have been painted before. In my opinion it's getting to the point of been too embarrassing to put a client in this car, and I think she agrees with me on that one.
She is 4'9" so visibility is an issue in most, if not all newer cars. Another issue is a gas mileage, she drives on average 24k a year and with current and projected gas prices :screwy:
We started looking at replacement vehicle and I thought of just getting another 05 with lower miles and just let her keep driving that, she absolutely loves that car btw. and I think it's the first car she did not get bored with after 2-3 years of driving. Because the mpg is not that great (i know it's not bad but she is a leadfoot) and still a used car we went to look at used and new Camry Hybrids and of course the Ford Fusion Hybrid. I don't know how she will react at suggestion of Corolla, but I just came up with that idea because she drove Ford Focus rental just recently and she loved the way it handled and the visibility was actually not bad. The only complaint was the rough ride, I am hoping Corolla is not as bad.
We used to pay cash for cars we bought unless we could get 0% financing. But now I am questioning where whole industry is going and if it's worth investing so much money into something that will most likely be obsolete so soon. I am even considering a lease for 2-3 years ( i know we are going to be over the miles limit) and keeping the car afterwards for our daughter.
So back to comparison,
To me Camry's interior looks cheap and unappealing (not only my opinion)
Fusion has a better interior but unproven hybrid technology (v Toyota's) and higher price tag for similar options. Every time we pass Avalon on the lot she says - "that's what I really want", but I sat in the car and interior reminds more of the Camry no matter what the salesman says and I doubt she will enjoy parking it, or should I say I will enjoy witnessing results o the parking :shakehead I tried talking her into Prius, but visibility was out of a question, so that one died.
Any suggestions/opinions? - thank you!
If you can't tell I am lost :screwy:

07-05-2013, 06:55 PM
IMHO the Avalon is overpriced and the Corolla is too cheap for what she will be using it for. I recommend she drive the Camry Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid and decide which one she likes more. Ford's Hybrid technology is just as proven as Toyota's and in my opinion, more refined.

07-05-2013, 09:45 PM
Thank you for your reply!
That's pretty much where we are at right now.
A toss between the Fusion and the Camry XLE with no options.
Because the technology of the Ford (no matter how refined it may be) is still unproven, at least on this model, I was leaning towards the lease, but leasing Fusion is more expensive, even not taking into consideration 0% on Camry right now.
She does like the Fusion a bit better. the question is if it's worth paying more for this much better.
I think we are going to end up getting her another Camry.

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