Pictures DTM 2000 CLK (cockpit, engine) wanted

06-14-2013, 03:54 AM
I need pictures of a Mercedes CLK 2000 DTM(cockpit,engine etc.

Thanks in advance

06-19-2013, 10:19 AM
That is what I found somewhere on the internet a few years ago. I do not know from where or who they are - unknown.
Download them, I will delete soon. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

06-20-2013, 02:56 AM
Thank you :bigthumb:

06-22-2013, 12:15 AM
Pm me dude. I got a few ref pics for you.

06-24-2013, 01:55 PM
I'm not sure what photos you have yet, but hopefully there is something in my album to help you. I don't recall where these came from. They are all Mercedes DTM with the exception of the electronics box that was marked as being from Opal. If you have any that I am missing, would you mind sharing them?


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