Clearcoating Belkits decals

06-03-2013, 03:53 PM
I'm building a Belkits Fiesta, and shot some 2K clearcoat over the decalled body yesterday.

On the 2 large decals on the side, I got terrible fish-eyes / pooling of the clear, and now it's going to have to go in the brake fluid bath to start again.....

The decals had been on for a long time, so it wasn't a moisture problem, and everywhere else is fine except the two large panels on either side of the car.

The decals on either end are fine, as is the other car body I cleared in the same session....

Has anyone had a similar problem ? Do the Belkits decals have some kind of gloss top coat that would cause this problem ? Being relatively flat, the sides are about the only place that I didn't use lots of Microsol.... Maybe that 'cleaned' the other decals.....

I can recover from this, but don't want it to happen again obviously...

Any suggestions gratefully accepted.


06-03-2013, 05:34 PM
Did you clean the surface of the decals before you sprayed the 2k clear..?? If you have any form of contamination it will make the fish eyes that you speak about. You can actually add some anti fish eye into the 2k to prevent this happening. Best is to clean the surface of the decals and allow to dry thoroughly before the clear. I use a little dish wash detergent and warm water, which removes any contaminants, excess decal glue etc. Don't strip the 2k off and start again. If they are not too bad you can allow the 2k to dry and lightly wet and dry the surface back carefully till you remove the fish eyes. Then thoroughly clean the surface, allow to dry and re shoot more clear. Provided the surface is contaminant free, you shouldn't have any more problems..

06-03-2013, 07:56 PM
Thanks Steve....

I agree there must have been something on the decals, although I'm suporised it was only a problem on the sides.... unless as i suggested the MicroSol had a cleansing effect on the other decals.....

I didn't wash the body prior to spraying as it was a bugger of a decal job and I was concerned about any decals lifting.... I have some Zero paints anti silicone liquid that I might try wiping over some spare Belkits decals to see if they will be damaged by that.

I'm not too fussed about saving it, as I'll re-use the shell with different decals, and there are some things I'll do differently next time around.... I'm going to pre-paint some of the areas that were difficult to cover with decals.... so that any gaps won't need to be touched up afterwards...

It's a lovely little kit, but getting all those decals to lie down over so many curves was difficult to say the least... Such as shame they couldn't supply the 'text' as seperate decals from the coloured panels.

06-04-2013, 01:42 AM
Fangi0. Fisheyes are caused by silicone substrates on a surface that is then painted or cleared. This can come from silicone residue on the surface prior to painting-clearing or silicone contamination in the spray equipment. Check your air compressor -air lines and air brush/gun for water that can form when air is heated by the compression by an air compressor. Second get some paint wax/grease remover from a paint supply store and gently wipe the areas to be painted or cleared. Be careful because this stuff can destroy decals. I would say here was probably silicone contamination on the surface prior to the decal work. Be careful with dish soap many contain silicone to increase the slipperyness and aid dirt/food removal. I suggest "tide" powder in the really small boxes - also can be found at paint supply stores as 1:1 painters use it too as the product to use to wash a surface before painting. However you decide to correct your problem is up to you but know the fish eyes are from silicone contamination

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