04 rio wont shift into 2nd or 4th gears

05-10-2013, 03:29 PM
hey guys I work for a salvage yard, and we got a 2004 kia rio with an auto trans. it runs great, has only about 70k miles on it, but when you put it into drive, it starts off from a stop in 3rd gear. I can put it into first, and it will downshift to first, but I shift to 2nd on the shifter, and it just goes into 3rd instead, and regardless of what I do, it will not go into 4th. there are NO lights on the dash, no check engine light, no overdrive light, etc. it doesn't downshift when I floor it either. not sure why theres no check engine light for this. although I verified the light does come on upon initial startup, so it does work. and I don't have a scanner to view live data. so any ideas would help. thanks.


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