First time making model

04-10-2013, 09:50 PM
Hey guys. Yep, I'm back making modeling again. I build Mazda Miata MX-5. I didn't paint because I didn't bought paint :dunno: but later on I'll be making new modeling soon :runaround: I'm was about to lower my car but I didn't have epoxy putty to work on my lower arm braket. Here my first make:

04-12-2013, 03:26 AM
beautiful simple model to start modeling.. what color are u planning to paint it with?
MX-5s look beautiful in metallic blue btw..:)

04-12-2013, 08:44 AM
nahhh... a candy red! LOL

04-12-2013, 02:50 PM
Blue does look nice, but red look even better. :naughty:

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