Anyone with a Modeler's Lancia LC2 ?

04-07-2013, 05:44 PM
Recently I bought a second-hand Modeler's 1/24 Lancia LC2 (resin/white metal/turned metal/photo etch). After delivery I found out that the kit lacked the wheel nuts, and the seller doesn't know where they are. Modeler's went bust some time ago, so asking them for spares is not an option.

Is there someone here with this model, and willing to lend me one wheel nut for copying in epoxy resin? In return I can cast some other parts for you, either in the usual polyurethane resin, or epoxy resin if you need strong parts.

Here are two examples of my casting work, and the webpage showing the project behind the parts:

As an alternative I could do some Alps decals, however delivery time will be longer than resin parts.

Please contact me directly at robdebie curlything xs4all dot nl.


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