One brand clear over another brand clear coats

chato de shamrock
04-05-2013, 06:43 PM
Hey guys,

I did a search on this but came up empty so I thought I'd ask. I have two models to clear coat right now, well, I already started on both. I usually use Mr. Hobby gloss to clear coat my models since in the past i've read good things about how it treats decals that are going to get sprayed. I've been using this brand over the years with no bad experiences on decals, but recently I've put the hobby aside for about a year and have just not started again only to find out by my local hobby shop that it's near impossible to ship orders of Mr. Hobby clear spray cans.

Anyway, I thought I had 2 cans of Mr. Hobby (one about half used and another new) but I was wrong. I just had the one used can. I sprayed small parts as well as 1 model. It's been sitting for 4 days so far and in the meantime I purchased a can of Testors One Coat Lacquer (#1834 wet look clear) and started spraying the other model. Today I ran my finger over the model I sprayed 4 days ago with Mr. Hobby gloss and noticed a few spots on the model that aren't smooth. The paint I used, a Testors champagne gold from this line of paints ( ) still feels a bit rough. It's a metallic so, obviously, it doesn't feel as smooth as regular flats and glosses. I'm almost sure it needs another coat or two of clear; otherwise, i'm thinking i might damage those areas that feel rough when I begin to polish the model.

My question, can I spray Testors one coat lacquer (#1834 Wet Look Clear Coat on the link in the previous paragraph) over the Mr. Hobby Gloss? Anyone know if there's some kind of odd look when you spray high gloss over regular gloss? I sprayed the Testors over the Mr Hobby coats on a small piece to test the outcome and as i sprayed the high gloss I noticed a whiteish-opac look forming but then later began to fade away as the paint dried. I figured it was a bit of paint build up. I looked at it today and it looks fine, but as I move the piece back and forth under light I do notice a bit of a haze. If i look at it from an angle it looks fine, but when i move with the sunlight behind me I seem to catch a tiny bit of a haze.

Thanks in advanced for any feedback you guys can provide.:thumbsup:

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