glass fiber reinforced plastic / GFK REFERENCE PICS

jochen kieslich
02-19-2013, 07:35 AM
Hi there,
dear busy community,

after spending an overwhelming day at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart a few days ago (and taking 270 pics), i would like to share some (maybe / hopefully) helping pictures of the "old school carbon fibre" material, called GLASFASERVERSTÄRKTER KUNSTSTOFF GFK / glass fiber reinforced plastic.

The overall appearance is pretty "restive", not one area looks like the other. I took the pics from a hanging down body of a Porsche 908. That kind of material can very often be seen in and on lots of race cars of former days. The body was lighted from the inside also, so thats why it looks / appears like a jellyfish actually.

It's hard to describe it in english so i let the pics do the talking

All the best!

....and me beside my new powder-blue and orange desire....damned, she so bodacious.....

02-19-2013, 08:48 AM
thank u so much for the pics Jochen.
Those works looks and probably are very very similar to the ones we do in sailing over GFK hulls.
Repair and work with it is quite simple (when u got the technicality), and is also much more easy than CF so used today.
GFK is incredible and they can do miracles in fixing stuff also coming from heavy crashes.The big limits is (was) that suck mixture takes fire really too easy, and is also hard to stop.

Thank u for sharing. think such museum is probably the nicest in europe nowadays.

Ps: I have the same identical jacket :D I took it at le mans classic 2006 :D as well as the bag from the same serie :D

02-19-2013, 04:19 PM
Nice post Jochen:

Fibreglass bodywork detailing - check!
Porsche Museum visit - check!
Photo standing next to 908/03 - check!

Seriously though, I'd love to visit the Museum someday - every magazine article and report I've seen suggests it would be worth the trip from the UK. I love the colouring on that bare bodywork with the light behind it - makes me happy that all the fibreglass on the 935 will end up being painted. When you see all the imperfections and the resin runs and different layers of cloth coming together, you know it was built by hand, not by machine!


02-21-2013, 02:05 PM
Yeah, but how do you paint that? ;)

Nice Rodriguez\Kinnunen 908; are you going to post any more of your shots somewhere? Thanks for posting these!

Any of the 718 RSK F2 Center Steer's cockpit? Need gearshift detail... ;)


jochen kieslich
02-22-2013, 01:02 AM
Hi ianc,
very very sorry thus the 917's and the 908's were on my focus (beside lots of other samples) and i took no more pics depending the 718.

Right, replicating (and colouring) a REALISTIC structure could be thrilling....just have a look at ScratchBuilt's execution of construction work:

...what more can be said. His 908 project will be my holy bible once when i start my 1:24 interpretation.

All the best.

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