Problem contact with DMC-Decal DK

01-26-2013, 07:12 AM
being in sweden now I would like to buy some decal sheets from theme (denmark and sweden are so near so surely the post expedition is cheap and very quick).

I tryed email this company 3 times with all the email address I found in their websites but didnt get any answer since weeks.

does somebody knows if they have some email problems?

I used all emails I could find here:

any help is well appreciated.

01-26-2013, 07:49 AM
and what to write here : I routinely buy them there.

01-27-2013, 01:13 PM
Hello Paolo

Have you tryed to order from Virago Hobby in Höganäs (Skåne)|94|212

Hope this will help U
Lars-Olof G:smile:

01-27-2013, 05:15 PM
I've had a few sheets of their decals for several years, they turn yellow badly.

I only actually used them on one model because of it.

Maybe if they still make decals they have improved them, I don't know.

01-28-2013, 03:00 PM
Actualy i don`t know, but i remember that my local model dealer had the same problem years ago when he tried to order some decals for me. Finaly i bought the decals from Ebay cause i could not wait so long.

Seamus McRae
02-04-2013, 04:35 AM
There's a german vendor on eBay called acb shop. He has quite a number of decals available which look suspiciously like DMC stuff. Whether it is coincidence that he packages his own stuff like theirs, or he is helping to market their stuff to a wider audience, is a moot point. They are well priced though, if a little difficult to work with decal solvents.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with this vendor at all - just bought a fair bit of stuff from him to fill in gaps in my WRC collection

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