'09 Alitima CVT Knock on Deceleration

01-21-2013, 03:32 PM
'09 2.5S Auto/CVT, 44k

Intermittent but becoming more persistent.

Upon deceleration, as engine slows, rhythmic, persistent knocking sound emerges, appearing to come from the center or center/left of engine compartment, and you can feel it very slightly. Slows a little as car decelerates but mainly stays at constant rhythm.

You can make it stop every time by tapping the brake or shifting into auto-shift, or it will stop on its own when CVT takes it into lowest gear. Seems like it taps within a certain range or gear of the CVT and goes away when that gear changes. Car doesn't jerk at all (yet), doesn't affect brakes pedal action the way a caliper/hub/bearing, etc. might.

Seeing as how I don't know anything about CVT, I don't even know if "gear" is the right word. Anyway, thanks for your time!

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