Blue Stuff Decals is limited..??

01-17-2013, 04:59 AM
I want to buy blue stuff FORD Focus WRC Valentino Rossi Monza Rally Show 2009 decals but all supplier is out of i email to blue stuff member n got a reply from Bob said this decals will not restock...What a pain for me :crying: since i buy similR Ford focus nearly USD100 to make rossi special livery...:banghead:
Question to dexter model is that all BS decals will not restock if out of stock which mean Limited stock...

For this Ford fiesta 2011 decals ,is that ready for sale bcoz it see at ( that item is out of stock but in blue stuff web is no update,same also Ford Focus 2008-status is postpone..

I hope ,BS will continuous restock back this special livery(VRossi) bcoz n produce more decals that rossi get involved with car racing(eg Ferrari GT3 Blancpain)...

And,if anybody want to sell extra sheet or can print it,hope can contact me via pm..
And also can get reply from dexter about this..
Thank you...

sorry for my poor english...:cool:

Dexter Models
01-17-2013, 02:14 PM
Hello Snakeripper,

I speak for Dexter Models & Blue-Stuff (It's the same guy, me !).
In fact, all products are limited in quantities (Like S27, Shunko and even Tamiya).
Decals are printed by batch ( 150 for Focus Rossi) and when all is sold, it's a good news for the rentability.
To put again this reference "in stock", I must do a new batch of decals...And it's a big risk because I'm not sure to sell all.
Note that Rossi's decals are very expensive to product, due to lot of different colours.

About Focus 2008 : Simil'R kit is now out of production, so It's a big risk to do 150 decals for a far less wanted livery...
For the moment I study the opportunity to do less decals (75 or 50).

About Fiesta 2011 : Decals are printed and instruction sheet is in printing progress at a supplier.
Availability : Next week !

Like I work for other guys and companies, I don't have enough time to work for my own products.
I also keep some time for my wife and my son.

My website will be updated in next days

With availability of Fiesta 2011, I will ask to shops if they are interested to order enough Focus 2009 to justify a new production.

01-17-2013, 04:05 PM
Have to get them as soon as they are in production. I myself missed the chance to get the similr ford. :banghead:

Is there any chance the ducati 95 or 97 senna t-kits are still avaliable?

Dexter Models
01-30-2013, 09:08 AM
@snakeripper : Look at my "Where to buy" page on my website and contact Wanwanya or Kustom Models.
This Japanese webshops still have some 24-002 in stock !

@MidMazar : Senna T/kits are out of stock because I moved to a new house and I need to reinstall my resin casting facilities.
But even with a small batch of resin parts, I'm not sure to satisfy all preordered references.

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