Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma

12-25-2012, 04:21 PM
I currently own Silverado 1500 extended cab pickup, 4WD. It's OK truck, so far had been start and go (and classroom in small annoying repairs), but now that I have utility trailer for hauling dirt and such, it's simply too big for our needs. I am basically using is every other day as a commuter and "hauling air". It's good for winter time due to 4WD, but that's about it. Oh, yes, camping - we can pack a lot into it.

I am planning on selling it spring time and, being partial to Japanese makes, am debating between Tacoma and Frontier. I must have 4wd, V6 is likely to be absolute preference, and 4 door cab too. I am less concerned with gas costs, I am reimbursed for mileage.

What would you say about Frontier? I am very good tree shade mechanic, but reliability is absolutely a must. I am likely to look at 2008-2009. Also, I am 6'5'' and very broad shouldered, sitting comfort is of concern, as I drive a lot.

Tacomas are also much higher priced. Much. Not sure if they were worth the several thousand tag difference.

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