Feedback on How Dealers Operate Today

12-07-2012, 11:55 AM

I know that the business model of most dealerships has changed over the years.

The high end dealers often have services that other dealers do not offer; - valet service being one such service that isn't offered every where I don't think.

Looking for feedback:

* From those who actually work in a dealership today

What are the common services your dealership provides?

* Also looking for feedback from those who have the dealer do repairs

For those customers who do take their vehicle to the dealer for routine maintenance:

* What are their expectations for waiting, getting a ride or valet service?
* Does your dealer provide a free car wash, or valet service now?

I'm interested in how often a customer actually sits in the waiting area while their vehicle is being worked on, versus some sort of valet service that either collects and delivers their vehicle to the dealership for scheduled maintenance, or delivers the customer to home or work and then picks him or her up when the vehicle is ready.

Is it common and normal today for the vehicle to simply be dropped off and picked up afterward, or do customers actually sit around waiting?

I haven't owned a new vehicle in 14 years, and I do most of my own maintenance, so the number of visits I've made to a dealership have been few and far between.

There is no 'angle' to this post. I'm simply trying to understand how the dealer landscape has changed in the last 15 or so years.


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