2001 Rodeo Questions

11-07-2012, 10:14 PM
Today I had the 1st chance to use the 4x4 on my truck. I noticed that the 4x4 green light on the dash board is blinking and it appears that the 4x4 isn't engaging. I am new to the Isuzu board but I do have several years experience in doing DIY repairs. This car is not your ordinary Rodeo as it is in great shape other than a few bumps and scrapes. My delima is what I need to do to try and repair the 4x4 system. What do I need to do 1st. I've been looking and I gues the 1st thing is to check the electrical connectors, then the vac. lines to the actuator. I read that if the 4x4 isn't used for a while it will have the tendency to gum up and not work as it's suppose to. I do hear the selenoid making noise when I push the 4x4 button. Any Ideas od what I ned to do ? I'll drive it in 2wd if I have to BUT I am the kind of person that would like to have it working. I am a determined person and I won't rest till I get it working as it should be. People on this board know more about these cars than I do so if I can pick your brains for a simple remedy it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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