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Hi everyone! My name is Alberto, I was born in 1973 and I write from Italy. I am an enthusiast of car model kits in 1/24 scale. After a pause of about 15 years, in 2011 I resumed my hobby, purchasing a second airbrush (Veda WD-138) and a new 24 liter oilless air compressor (ABAC OM195/24). My first airbrush, a Badger 200 bottom feed, has the defect of building up paint in the spray regulator, ruining the paintjobs afterwards with very big drops of paint. The desire to resume my hobby came also because on many modeler forums I read that paint can be stripped from car models made of plastic or metal by dipping them in all purpose cleaner. It works even better than brake fluid and it absolutely does not damage parts made of plastic or rubber. In at least a week it removes even the last molecule of paint, even if very old, and with an old toothbrush the paint chips come away very easily. Here below you can see my first finished jobs. They substantially are restorations. I have still to make about 30 car model kits, all in plastic, produced by Fujimi, Hasegawa, Italeri and Tamiya. Among them there are also 3 Italeri trucks. Tamiya is my favorite brand. I hope to share with you my rediscovered passion! I dont't hide you that it boosts me a lot to know that paint can be endlessly stripped from badly painted parts! ( ( ( (

Instead here below you can see a car model finished by me in 1992. It is a Ferrari 288 GTO produced by Italeri in 1/24 scale. (

Badger 200: (

Badger 200, new head and old head: (

Badger 350 and Paasche H: (

Veda WD-138: (

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Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome! looking forward to seeing more models from you!

Ferrari TR
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Welcome to AF!
I don't really understand the 'new' head on the 200. Are those the new series 200 parts?

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Thank you all!

Ferrari TR, if you click on the photo of your interest, you will be sent to a very interesting webpage written by Don Wheeler, a retired manufacturing engineer who also is a veteran in airbrushing. Everything you want to know is accurately explained there. By the way, my Badger 200, bought in the early Nineties, has the old head, which spits paint after a while, due to building up paint in the spray regulator. As you can see, the Badger 200 sold nowadays has a modified head, which probably don't spit paint anymore. Buy a Badger 350, a Paasche H or anything similar, and you will forget the paint spitting issue forever.

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Welcome Alberto!

I like your technical way of thinking!

Keep up the great contributions!

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A very interesting post with great information.

Thank You :)

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