Little Red Wagon

11-01-2012, 12:56 PM
I haven't been able to do anything modeling wise for over a year, but now that we're finally in our new house I can dust off the table and get to work! This just happened to be next on the list to do. Plans are oob save for some suspension tweaks and a plumbed engine, my first time trying so it should be interesting. After reading a little I found that the rear axle was not sprung by anything so the rear leafs are out, and I did not include the front suspension risers out of artistic liberty. Almost all the parts are completely awful in terms of casting imperfections and overall cleanliness so it is taking time to go over everything. The body here has everything mostly cleaned and sanded.

I'll need to get some airbrush pieces before any color goes on. I have a small household pump that I believe has a pressure valve, the coiled hose and some cheap brush. I know I need to pick up a moisture trap, anything else?

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