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Pit Wall - Decal 1/24 - Ford Fiesta WRC - Montecarlo rally

10-26-2012, 04:11 AM
Pit Wall decal D24-002 for Belkits Ford Fiesta WRC arrived this morning. The decal set is really amazing, probably the best ever decal we have seen. It is really incredible. The decal includes classic screen print techniques, offset printing, gloss and matte barnish, fluo colours, hot printing, and a really beauty design. This decal is a must. You are able to see more details here ( Wall/D24-002.jpg Wall/D24-002/01.jpg Wall/D24-002/02.jpg Wall/D24-002/03.jpg Wall/D24-002/04.jpg Wall/D24-002/05.jpg Wall/D24-002/06.jpg Wall/D24-002/07.jpg Wall/D24-002/08.jpg Wall/D24-002/09.jpg Wall/D24-002/10.jpg Wall/D24-002/11.jpg Wall/D24-002/12.jpg Wall/D24-002/13.jpg Wall/D24-002/14.jpg Wall/D24-002/15.jpg

10-30-2012, 10:21 PM
cool livery

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