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Rotary engine reliability

10-25-2012, 11:22 PM
Hello all, I am thinking about purchasing a 1993 Mazda RX7. I am however concerned about the reliability of it, as the engine has been rebuilt. Here are all the installed parts:

Mazda parts:
New rotor housings
eccentric shaft
apex seals
motor mounts
vacuum lines (silicone not rubber)
2 vacuum solenoids
fuel injector seals
power steering pump
rear toe link bushings
low mile precat (bought off the forum)
shifter bushings
battery & battery box
front spoiler
rebuilt bose amplifiers
front fender liners

They were installed by a motorcycle mechanic in his shop with all OEM parts. The vehicle has one owner and a clean Texas title.

The car does have some aftermarket parts:
k&n air filter
slotted and cross drilled front rotors
stainless braided brake lines and clutch line (have stock parts)
racing beat catback (subtle yet sporty)
11 lb flywheel
act stage 2 clutch

The chassis has 103,000 miles on it, 300 on the "new" motor. If the car is properly maintained by me, will the car be a dependable daily driver for at least another 35,000 miles? I drive an average of 4,000 miles per year. Pretty much to college and around my small town.


10-26-2012, 12:09 AM
I do not think this car is suitable for a college student on a budget.

This particular model of RX-7 was a pure, exhilarating high-performance sports car, fast, excellent handling, very sophisticated and an awesome driving experience.

But they need maintenance, upkeep and repairs by knowledgeable people. They do not suffer neglect well, and are somewhat expensive to repair. Fuel economy is pretty miserable and they have very limited interior space - not at all utilitarian.

This car is a bit like a Japanese Ferrari..... a little rare, somewhat unusual, very rewarding to drive, but require substantial commitments in terms of money and knowledge to keep them running well. If your primary concern is reliable, affordable bet cool transportation, look elsewhere.

10-26-2012, 11:47 AM
Every engine does a regular run and the figures are noted, this should be repetitive enough to see the pattern of which engine is dropping the most power and twisting each perform. Some tips could be racing the individual engines in house made competition cars, get expert racers to run about in some cars until the engines hit.

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