04 LS - traction control and grinding brake

10-25-2012, 12:22 AM
My brakes have been recently serviced and replaced. I have had this issue a few times of the car seemingly thinking its sliding. The first time it happened on a slow turn, but now it even does it going straight at very low speeds. I can kinda feel the car resisting acceleration and then when I go to brake the brake grinds severely, makes a horrible grinding noise and bounces a bit. Then, the traction control light blinks on and goes off. It usually just happens once and them not again for a few months. However, last night I couldn't even get out if the neighborhood. This time it did it upon braking every time and I could hear what sounded like the computer very loudly. To me, it sounded like the noise may have been going in a circle. Forgive me, I have no idea about cars. My dad passed away and left me this gem ;) it's been pretty good until it hit about 90k miles (at 95 now) and it acts up a bunch now. We have been the only owners so I know this is the first occasion of the car doing this

Any pointers? I will take it to get checked of course but they often try to take advantage of me and band aid problems instead of actually fixing them. Trying to do my own research so I have an idea of what it could be.

10-25-2012, 07:55 AM
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It sounds like maybe one of the wheel speed tone rings is cracked or damaged causing the ABS module to think that wheel is momentarily locking up/sliding. If there otherwise seems to be some correlation to weather (rain, temperature) then a sensor or wiring would be more suspect.

The dealer or a reasonably well equipped shop should have a scan tool that can monitor the wheel speed sensors real time and as long as they can duplicate the issue, they should be able to at least determine if this is only happening at a particular wheel and narrow their search that way.


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