PLEASE HELP, bike wont start

10-21-2012, 07:24 PM
I have a 78 yamaha enduro 100, last week a buddy tried to change my air intake, and when he did the new airflow, affected the idol and everthing, so he adjusted the air,fuel and idol screws. I put the old air system back on, and have tried over and over to adjust them, when it does start its only for 20-30 sec, then it dies like its out of gas. When I am trying to kick it over after 10-20 kicks I can smell gas, and sometimes it pours from the bottom of the airbox, little hose from bottom of carb. If I let it sit til the next day it will start after 4-5 kicks then dies like no gas. I have spark, maybe not enough, Ill try a new plug. It ran fine til he changed air intake, and adjusted carb, pretty sure its close to where it was, at least to get a rough start.
Also is there anywhere online to find a shop manual, to use(free).

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