is there a difference?

10-18-2012, 10:29 PM
im just curious is there a difference between the
"coyote" engine and the boss 302 engine other than the intake manifold say like are the blocks different? i had a gentleman at my work try and tell me that they were i kindly listened and then thought why would they change the block for 30hp

10-19-2012, 08:33 AM
Of course you are talking about the modern Boss 302 and not the one from the 60's.
I found this in wiki. Same block, different heads/intake.

Boss 302 (Road Runner) Variant

A higher performance variant of the Coyote, dubbed Road Runner internally by Ford, is produced under the Boss 302 moniker used for the resurrected Boss 302 Mustang for the 2012 model year.[14] The Boss 302 receives CNC ported heads cast in 356 aluminum providing additional airflow and strength, and a higher lift exhaust camshaft profile is used. Valvetrain components were lightened as much as possible, including the use of sodium filled exhaust valves, while strengthened powdered metal rods and forged aluminum pistons were added. Piston-cooling jets were also deleted, which are standard in the 5.0 model.[15] Exterior changes include a high-mount intake plenum (as opposed to the standard engine's low-mounted one) with shorter runners to improve high-rpm power. Power is increased from 412 hp (307 kW) to 444 hp (331 kW), and torque drops from 390 lbft (530 Nm) to 380 lbft (520 Nm) due to the upgrades. The Boss's redline is increased to 7500 rpm, but has been verified stable up to 8400.[16]

10-19-2012, 09:32 AM
thanks i didnt think the blocks were different so i really appreciate the info

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