2000 7.3 Lift Question

10-02-2012, 03:23 AM
Okay I admit it, I bought some brand new 53" tires for pretty cheap off craigslist.
Now that i have them, I realise that I'm going to need a huge freaking lift to fit these bad boys in. And to be honest I have no clue what i'm supposed be doing to fit these in my truck... I already got the tires, so all i need is the lift and the cut'd fenders as far as i know.

1-How much lift should i do so i can fit them
2- Will i need to cut the fender (i think so)
3- How much would such lift run me, I only have 2500 U.s. dollars to spend on lift
4-Should i Upgrade to bigger axles

Info about the truck.
2000 Ford f250 7.3 powerstroke turbo diesel
Crewcab 4x4
Daily Driver now. Altough i have other cars, i just like to drive this one for weird reason

Please help, Should i just sell the tires because its too much of a hassle to put them in the truck or should i go ahead and push forward with my project... I would probably be the happiest guy on earth if i would be able to fit them in for 2500-3k

10-08-2013, 02:40 AM
You already have the bucket, now you just need to buy the cow.

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