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Average life span of AC compressor?

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09-24-2012, 01:56 PM
I have a 2000 Town Car, 4.6 liter engine, 104,000 miles, the AC works. Wondering what the average life span is on Ford AC compressors? I try to run it with just the vent/AC off when possible. I think the retired lady who had it before probably ran the AC most of the time in the warmer weather.

I bought an 1997 Oldsmobile 3.8 liter V-6 years ago, the AC bearings were grinding themselves up at 124,000 miles, replaced the whole assembly, then the unit started acting up again 7 years later at 164,000 miles when I foolishly drove it with the refrigerant leaked out, probably did not get lubed because of that, hard lesson.

Since the 4.6 liter is such a common engine, does anyone know how long you can go before the AC compressor needs to be replaced, on average?

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