mechanic needs N* yoda.. trans swap ?

09-23-2012, 10:57 AM
I'm getting to be an expert... but not yet danielson. Quick background story...Ive dropped 8 of thees engines for trans, engines or timeserts in the last year and am quite good at it. So I drop my sisters 2000 SLS vin Y to do the timeserts went fine...decided hell might as well change the trans TCC while I'm here and so I it all back together and drove it and tranny quit after 2 miles... got it back 2 shop and dropped again and realized I messed up when I put in that stud for drivers side trans mount in backwards at first which i knew and reversed when I first did it the first time but as you know the damage was already done and put hole in casing...lesson learned....wont do it again I promise!!!

So I had a 1996 deville with a good trans so dropped THAT engine and got trans off....called GM and did a little research and they looked the same so i put it in...shifts a little hard but mostly it doesnt start all the time and P1825 Internal Mode they must be different. ( I should have realized after 1 had a PNP switch by shift cable on 1 and not the other...experience is grand and ignorance is not bliss I tell now the question...the4t80e's are very much the same....

Can I take the internal mode switch out of the bottom of the pan from the 2000 trans (that went bad and is on my shop floor) and put it in the 2000sts with the 1996 trans and all will be good... as long as it is possible to swap out the wiring harness (which must be different to accompany the IMS ) but the external plug in's are the same so one would just have more wires. I hope so. Please N* Yoda find this post!!

09-23-2012, 11:06 AM
also will all the tcc, and pressure sensor be the same? :banghead:

09-23-2012, 06:37 PM
These are tough questions I doubt anyone here has gone into this in this depth, best thing I would say is check part numbers to see if they are same. The pcm may have trouble recognizing different components then it is programmed for, maybe the pcm would need a relearn?

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