help with a gift to my dad

09-16-2012, 05:07 PM
I'm going to make a 1:24/1:25 replica of my dads 1964 Rambler Classic 770 for his 50th birthday.
I got a Promo model of the car but im not an experienced modeler and got som question i hoped some of you could help me with.

Fist of all i have no idea how to get the right colour paint for the model. the colour is Westminster Green.
he said the colour code is 37440 and that when he got the car repainted in 1994 ut was a RM.
i did a search at and could not find anything on that code but when i searched for the colour name i found it.

here is the info i found:
Colour Code: P55 64N34
Year: 1964-1964

and here is a link to a site i found with the original 1964 AMC Rambler exterior paint chips

is there any way of getting this colour to paint my model with?

My dads car also got bumper guards on the front and rear bumpers. the promo model does not. i do not trust my modeling skills enough to
make som myself and i know there are mye high skilled modelers here and hoped that one of you could please help me with this if i provide
good pics and measurements? i am sure we can come to an agreement of price for the job.

he also got got rear wiew mirrors on both sides that the promo models does not have. that is understandable since it would easily break off.
this is not a major problem since i have found some that i could use if i cant find some better.

it would be realy happy if you could help me with this as i realy want to make this car look good for my dads 50th birthday.

here are some image of the bumpers and rear wiew mirrors on my dads car.
click image to wiew bigger image. ( ( (

I'll post a image of the promo car when i get a chanse

hope my english is ok :)

09-17-2012, 08:48 AM
this might be the mix for westminster green:

"As you know I took a number of colour measurements using the "colour logic" and my first impressions were of a Brunswick Green variant. I also took note of the hearsay of Westminster Green. With that information we went through the archives this morning and identified ICI Westminster Green PO30-3732, a colour originating in the late 40's early 50's."

"The colour predates mixing schemes and was made by blending finished paints in the ratio of:

72% Mid Brunswick Green
13% Black
9% Turkey Red Oxide
6% Light Brunswick Green"

The rambler's color sample looks kinda darker though.

Still, this is a great gift idea you got going. :)

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