2000 jimmy rear axle ????

08-22-2012, 06:40 PM
ok, so i THOUGHT i was going to replace the rear brake backing plates, which, thanks to the 428.7 metric tons of salt michigan spreads all over the roads every winter, have rusted completely in half. i knew i would have to open the rear axle cover, to remove the c clips that hold in the axles. not a big deal, i have done it a number of times. ON OPEN REAR AXLES. this has some kind of traction control or posi-traction device sitting right in the middle of where i need to go to remove the c clips. i spun the axle 180 degrees, and i can see to access the clips. but i am not sure if there is enough room to do so, and i am really not not sure if or how many pieces parts / shims / springs, etc. will fall / fly out @ 1,247 MPH if i try to remove the shaft that the spyder gears ride on. i have been into several rear axles, mostly old school Mopar hot rod stuff. i have set up 4 (3 mopar and 1 ford 9 inch) gears, and gone thru old school posi units. but this is much newer than anything i ever did. plus those were 30 years ago (man, does time fly). is there anyone out there that has been in one of these? that can shed a little light on my dilemma? am i opening up a huge spring loaded can of worms here, or is this something a decent home mechanic can handle?

08-22-2012, 08:22 PM
Hold on here, I believe Dorman or Help parts makes a 2 piece backing place to avoid doing the diff deal. If not when you take the cross pin out try and keep the side gears from moving around and misaligning the unit, then getting the pin back in is a PITA, careful removing the lock bolt the break easily, should be an 8mm. That is an Eaton locking diff that uses a small governor weight assy to lock the diff, if unsure here I am sure there is step by step info on the net.

08-22-2012, 08:46 PM
i had no idea who made it, but that sounds right. it does have a flyweight that looks like as it speeds up, pushes another part to lock or at least limit how much one axle spins. i will look to see if i can find information on it somewhere. an exploded view would be very helpful. thanks maxwedge. you gotta love old mopars!

08-29-2012, 10:09 AM
well, for anyone else who runs across this, the spyder gear pinion shaft CAN be removed without peices parts falling out of place. the axle shafts can then be removed as normal. aparantly, these have soft axles. as Timken bearing co. makes a repair bearing set, that moves the bearing outward. so it rides in a different location on the axle. i am not sure if the axles are to soft, or if there is just not enough surface area in the bearings to wear well. i know if i have to replace the shafts at some point, i will be looking into getting them hard chromed to increase their life. or trying to find a wider bearing. or both. personally, i think this would make a great class action lawsuit.

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