Re-release of Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari 312T4?

08-15-2012, 09:17 PM
Does anyone know if Tamiya is going to re-release 1/12 Ferrari 312T4 given that Tabu Design just issued a Full Sponsor Decal for this kit (TABU12057C)? Thanks.

08-16-2012, 12:50 AM
I think this is very unlikely...

Both tamiya and studio27 are 2 companies where you can't figure out how they make decisions what will be next.
Tamiya still has not re-issued several models with PE (lotus 49 49B MS11 641/2 datsun & datsun safari mini) so my guess is one of these will be next.

St27 declined years of nagging (me, 3 to 4 times/year) to re-issue any of their 1/12 car decals, and then, probably inspired by release of 312B & 72D, they bring decals for these cars back to market. But also, around same time, they re-issued 2 diff decals for bt44b, while that kit was sold out already for several months/years. A bit late, i told them. Some of their 1/12 decals get re-issued more often: MP4/6, FW14B are/have been available most of the time, 312T4 already had several re-issues, this one is just next in line i think.

At st27, it all comes down to sales... Big scale is not big in Japan. So, they think: "why issue a 1/12 car decal that does not sell that well, while we can also make decal for MP4-12 GT3 that will sell out even before it is launched. I told them that it is not a question of this OR that, but should be this AND that, and that bringing their car 1/12 decal(s) back to market, could make them known with wider audience. And told them HIRO sees it this way, proved by their current turn into 1/12 big scale kits/transkits.

Next to 312T4, they also re-release FW14B (was sold out) and 641/2 (was scheduled few years ago when the anti-tobacco police was checking up on decal makers - and when tabu brand saw light - but did not go through at that time). Maybe they finally checked availability of 1/12 312T4 on ebay, and decided to give decal one more run.

As said above: i think & i guess - know nothing.


08-16-2012, 01:25 AM
Hi Wim,

Thank you very much for the useful imformation.
On the other hand, 149.00 Euro is a little bit steep for me when hasn't factor in the shipping internationally.

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