2004 power switch bezel replacement - driver's door

08-14-2012, 08:45 PM
Re: Chrysler 2004 Sebring BA / LX (4 dr sedan)

Hello all,

Recently, the power control switch broke off from the bezel trim and it sunk down below, making it difficult to work the switches.

The bezel has damaged screw receptacles so I cannot put the module back in place, as it was originally.

For now, I have been fortunate enough to attach the control switch module to the top of the door using tie-wraps. The problem is that there's no way to secure the trim piece (bezel) that sits on top of it, short of permently gluing it in place.

Does Chrysler sell this bezel separately, anymore?

If I must look in Salvage Yards, do you know what camparible years I can use to help narrow down my search?

Is the Dodge Stratus compatible, for this partictular bezel?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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