Acura RSX Base (2006, 59k miles run) vs Mazda 3 (2007, 53k miles run)

08-06-2012, 12:44 PM
Hello all,

I am planning to buy a used car and I have found 2 deals; an Acura RSX, base and a Mazda 3. I am confused between these two cars :confused:. I am looking for a car with decent/good looks, good fuel economy and good performance. I liked both the cars. I find the Acura more sporty, but my only concern with the Acura is that the rear seat passengers will have a real hard time sitting . Whereas, in the Madzda 3, I can have friends etc sitting more comfortably behind and also travel long distances although in the Mazda 3 I think I may be loosing the sporty/coupe feel of the RSX. In the RSX, I think driving long distances with someone sitting behind may not possible or a good idea. What do you guys think :smile:? Please be open with your suggestions. Any suggestion is appreciated.

Thank you!

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