Mustang Audio Troubleshooting

07-30-2012, 10:02 PM
alright so i have a 2002 mustang v6 not that it matters i went to install some subs that i got from my friend they all work we hooked them up in his car to make sure. but the amp turns on in my car but it isnt recieveing signal from the head rca cables i went to the manufac. of the head unit and got an owners manual and looked up on how to make sure the settings of the head unit were turned on and everything. all my wireing is correct 6 gage to the battery 6 gage grounded in the trunk remote to the stereo as well as rca all new sub kit i used a multi meter to measure voltage coming from the rca wires with the car turned on and the subs turned on and up and it came up with around 0 on the lowest setting of the meter. the amp turns on but does not push the subs.(no sound) this really has nothing to do with mustangs so forgive me for posting it in the wrong section but i refuse to believe its my head unit because i have babied that thing since i bought it new from bestbuy its an alpine cde-9874. i just figured that someone would have a similar problem and get back to me i can send pics of the wiring if needed im just not that great with car electrical and figured before i break down and get a new head i should seek alternate advice

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