Aoshima / AMT Supra?

07-14-2012, 01:59 AM
Hi! I´ve just noticed (and got pretty upset, disgusted, even sick) that Aoshima´s Toyota Supra model kits (both Veilside and Bomex versions) are the same as the AMT Supra Bomex for Fast and Furious. I still don´t have an Aoshima Supra in my hands, but I read both the AMT manual (which I have) and the Aoshima manual on HobbySearch. I always thought that it sucks to build a FnF Supra from AMT and that a good option would be to go for the Aoshima kit. Luckily I noticed this before throwing away 35usd!

Now, can anybody explain it to me? What is the reason for Aoshima to sell the Amt kit? Or was it the other way, Amt bought Aoshima´s kit?
I had nothing but good experience from Aoshima S-Package kits until I saw this.

Aoshima Bomex Supra

Is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Revell Tuner Series the same as the FnF AMT Eclipse?

Are there any other cases in which different brands sell exactly the same kit?

Sorry for all this questions, but now I´m really worried about what I could end up buying in the future.

07-14-2012, 03:36 AM
Reboxing of kits under a different brand isn't unknown. I purchased a Revell of Germany Lancia Stratos some years ago and it turned out to be the Hasegawa kit inside.

I have read that Tamiya has reboxed Italeri kits as their own as they are the importer of Italeri in to Japan.

Testors has also reboxed Fujimi kits in the past

There is a degree of cross pollination within the industry but sorting out what is what is probably best done by asking the forum as you have done.

07-14-2012, 04:12 AM
Model kit manufacturers rebox other manufacturers' products all the time to fulfill each of the local demand at reasonable cost. It saves money, instead of developing a set of brand new tools (which can easily cost more than 200,000 USD). Also a container full of parts is cheaper to send overseas than a container of finished products.

Testors brought many Fujimi Enthusiast series kits and Italeri products to the US market, and you can still find them on eBay. I remember AMT/ERTL sold Gunze's Lexus LS400 and Aoshima's BTTF Delorean in the US decades ago. Revell Germany sold a few Hasegawa car kits in Europe. Aoshima used to sell Revell Germany's XK120 in Japan. Fujimi had a few Revell Germany's fully detailed car kits like 300SLR and XK-SS under Fujimi Enthusiast series in the Japanese market. Tamiya's BMW 325i and 850i are Revell Germany tools, and Tamiya has been the Japanese distributor of Italeri kits for quite sometime. Hasegawa used to sell Revell/Monogram kits, like the Cobra and a few Ferraris, as well as Dragon's car kits in Japan. Hasegawa currently represents Revell Germany in Japan. The list goes on and on and on, and rebox isn't just for car kits.

So yes, when Aoshima announced the Bomex supra, the initial reaction was, "Is it going to be AMT rebox(?)," which turned out true to our dismay.

How can you avoid rebox? When you find an identical subject done by different manufacturers, take advantage of online community like AF and ask away (like you just did). For new kits, just wait until the actual product comes out, instead of committing to pre-order.

As far as I know, the Eclipse kits are different, and I don't remember any shared kits between those two manufacturers off the top of my head. I remember reading here on AF that the Revell offering is better, and you should be able to find some WIP threads.

07-14-2012, 07:08 AM
Another example of reboxing I can recall was the Airfix Hi Tech range of car kits which were originally the Gunze Sangyo Hi Tech kits.

It must be over a decade now since either of that range has seen the light of day

07-14-2012, 10:09 AM
I actually don't mind reboxes gives us a chance to get it for cheaper in some cases. Although i would stay away from many amt models over other manufacturers. The aoshima box does look tempting though. :evillol:

07-15-2012, 02:29 PM
D@mn!! You can´t trust anoybody!
Thx guys, specially Hiro for that history lesson.

BTW: I don´t really mind putting a 1/25 model in the same shelf of 1/24 models... but that Bomex Supra is supposed to be 1/25, and Aoshima is supposed to offer it as 1/24. I guess purists would be specially pi$$ed about that...

So, does anybody know of a "rebox index" or something like that? I´ve been searching but couldn´t find more than what Hiro explained. I considered making such a thing, but I have so little experience (just had about 50 models in my hand, even not all of them where mine).

07-15-2012, 02:47 PM
also Bmw e36 series have always the same origin (dragon models inc,). they have been reboxed by Revell,Hasegawa and Tamiya with sensible differences over the price, even if today those are nearly all rare and hard to find.great models btw.

Try think positive: when 4ex revell reboxed Hasegawa, they use to insert in the box the super decal sheets.In other words, the Revell lancia 037 (reboxed hasegawa) has stunning decals,with correct colors and the model cost half price.The samel for Corolla wrc, even hasegawa origin.

This forum can be useful also for infos as those ones.A thread opened before click on any online store,can save u many money.

07-16-2012, 02:20 PM
also Bmw e36 series have always the same origin (dragon models inc,). they have been reboxed by Revell,Hasegawa and Tamiya with sensible differences over the price, even if today those are nearly all rare and hard to find.great models btw.
It's not that simple for the E36.

The 325i and Alpina (IIRC) 4-door E36 full-detailed kit is Revell's tooling, which Tamiya reboxed.

I don't quite remember the deal between Hasegawa and Dragon, but I believe Hasegawa came out with the curbside 4-door kit first, and Dragon made a 2-door based on Hasegawa's tooling.

Hasegawa released a 4-door E36, first as a 320i, then re-released as a 318i. It spawned a bunch of BTCC/JTCC releases.

Dragon released a E36 2-door M3. It went on to release the Listerine 318is race car, the 318ti, and the M3 GTR. It also released a 4-door WTCC car. Revell reboxed the Dragon offerings.

07-16-2012, 07:35 PM
LOL, I LOVE when I found friends loving the e36 (as I do :))

Have nearly all of theme (including the compact, revell bon,street car).All parts match each other, also to 2 doors, respecting the matching points as for the real car (so 4ex, the M front end making the miracle on every e36 fits on all moders.U know e36, I am sure u understood what I mean :D)
Dont have near the boxes, but also 2 door m3 should be a curbside model.
Revell also made a 2 door in redbull livery (standard nose), if memory is still with me.

Of course, one of the 2 missing the car I own. LOL :D

I am nearly tempted to clone the M3 front bumper, cause I am sure there is the request as for the real one.LOL :D , and it is included only in the M3 boxed by revell and hasegawa.All the others have standard nose.

Sorry for Ot drift.Happens when we talk of that nice german lady..

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