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Convert analog, or HD TV into a smart TV.

05-28-2012, 06:33 PM
For $59 you can covert your TV into a smart TV with ROKU. (

Note - You can get a ROKU app for your smart phone, so you can change channels.

Free Analog TV from Craigstlist + Roku = cheap smart TV.

06-02-2012, 03:30 AM
The website is under construction.:disappoin

mark glicker
06-02-2012, 10:03 AM
I prefer a dumb TV.

06-02-2012, 10:40 AM
Even a dumb TV needs a digital converter box + HD TV antenna for $100.

08-13-2012, 08:57 AM
I paid $10 for my digitial TV converter box. Huh. I guess stay away from the place that charges $100!!! Wow.

08-13-2012, 11:36 AM
A cheaper antenna system = fewer channels.
I guess, you could use a coat hanger @ converter box.

08-13-2012, 03:38 PM
Ahhhh I have to confess that I got mine with the coupons when all the channels were getting ready to switch from analog to all digital therefore I actually do receive a TON of channels very clearly, too. Actually many more than the 'allegedly free cable' advertised here. You can't buy a cable or dish program with these few pathetic channels we have!
I confess that I absolutely LOVE sports, and I do mean I LOVE them! Hey, if I know who Babe Winkleman is then there obviously is no football, baseball, basketball, golf and I love watching golf don't know why so many think it's boring, but if basically almost every other sport is exhausted then yep, I like to watch fishing, but with this so-called package which starts at channel 2 and ends at 21 with channel 3 being Spanish only, 7 is TV Guide Channel, 8 is the weather channel, 9 & 10 are upcoming preview only channels with 14, 15 & 16 being sports ONLY well, have to say not much to choose from and this is supposed to be a 'bonus' in the dump with a slumlord as owner where I live? Huh. I wonder how much a package like that would cost on cable....because I KNOW they don't sell anything that pathetic!
So I simply have both the cable and the digital tv converter box both connected to my TV.
Now if people (and yes I know who but long ago stopped that stupid circle of an stole it, no I didn't, yes you did you have it in your hands, no I don't, yes, no, yes, no....what I really need are COPS! Real ones who do their jobs!! Ahhhhh I've honestly had everything stolen from me including every one of my autographed balls and autographed cards and just autographs that I personally chased down and got I didn't buy them and I certainly did not steal them. But what do I do? When the cops don't care?)
Enough of that too depressing. My apologies I don't like being depressed, sad, mad, down, angry, irate, don't bother with those things. Maybe get angry once a year....honestly.) But what I really COOKING!! I like to clean, I hate to cook and shop!!

Thanks for the input on the theoretically cheap converter and antennae that I do not have. I'm just cheap and get good deals!


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