92 Regal 3.8L instrument cluster swap experience

05-10-2012, 08:09 PM
OK so on my 92 Regal I bought that had the base instrument cluster with all dummy lights I decided to purchase a used optional cluster with the gauges. The oil pressure sender was a breeze, just purchase the one for a gauge rather than a dummy light and swap out, that's done.
Moving on to the temp sensor. The existing 3.8L temp sensor has to remain due to it communicating to the ECM. The old cooling temp dummy light wire coming from the ECM needs to be cut off from the ECM harness and insulated. Then the other end coming from the dash needs to be re-routed to the new temp sensor. You'll need to purchase a temp sensor for a gauge and it will mount in place of the threaded plug drivers side top of engine behind the throttle cable assembly. On this new temp sensor I could not find a pigtail for it without special ordering one for around $40 (Borg Warner). I used a modified crimp on terminal and sealed it in the sensor with high heat silicone. You only need one of the terminals as the sensor grounds to the engine.
Moving on to the tachometer on my car the tack wire was in the instrument cluster harness all the way to the firewall, but not in the engine harness. Also my ignition module below the coils does not have a tach output. So I'll have to replace the ignition module, add the wire from it to the firewall and add the pin on each end for each plug. (I can live without a tach on an automatic)
I hope this experience can help someone doing the swap. To do the swap you'll also need to purchase the trim panel for the optional cluster. I also purchased a factory workshop manual that proved invaluable.

05-11-2012, 08:36 PM
Update, I was getting a check engine code 26. After researching in the manual I see the wire from the ECM that used to feed the coolant temp dummy light needs a 3.6K inline resistor between it and a switched ignition +12v source. The cars with the gauge cluster had this.
I can provide wire colors and other info from the manual if anybody needs it.

08-08-2012, 11:45 PM
Regarding your offer of wiring colors.....

I have a post regarding no dash lights on all of the gauges.
the information center and the gauges them selves all work, just no backlighting for night time.
I got a schematic for the swtich but i dont think its correct.
If you look at the opicture of the switch and the diagram i think you will agree.

Can you shed any light on the wiring diagram?



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