2012 tucson, "active eco" observation????

05-08-2012, 08:43 AM
Just wandering if anyone else has made a similar observation with the "active eco" mode thing.
We have a 2012 tucson(AWD if it matters), and for the most part, we had been leaving the "active eco" turned on, assuming that it was helping the fuel mileage. With the "active eco" turned on, we were consistantly getting mileage in the high 24's, to low 25's.

I had noticed that with the eco turned on, it seemed to shift a little soon for my taste. And at times it even seemed "doggy" because it was shifting to soon.

So, I decided to try driving for a wile with the "active eco" turned off, just to see what the difference was.

Guess what; In addition to feeling like it has more power, the fuel mileage is now in the high 26's to mid 27's.

Our daily commute is somewhat mixed, with about 40 miles of open highway, 15 miles of twisty, hilly county road, and about 5 miles of city driving.

Just wandering if anyone else has experienced better mileage with the "eco" turned off?

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