Crane Cams V8StockCar at Daytona presented by RaceCar Eng.

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Crane Cams V8StockCar at Daytona presented by RaceCar Eng. (

Just about every club racer I have met, at some point has dreamed about competing in the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The twice around the clock endurance race that traces its' origin back to the Daytona Continental first held in 1962, where Dan Gurney won in a Lotus 19 B. The quick thinking Gurney, who lost the motor with just minutes to go, parked the car high on the banking right in front of the flagstand and just let it roll down hill and across the finish line when the checker waved. For most, competing in the Rolex, where some of racings greatest names like Andretti, Foyt, Rodriquez, Donahue, Miles, Ruby, Redman, Gregg, Haywood, Ickx shined, will remain just that, a dream. But for a few, namely the Crane Cams V8 StockCar racers, they will get to live out their dream, flying around the banking on the 3.56 mile road course, and in some cases, even reaching speeds faster than their hero's.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar racers will be competing with the Central Florida Region SCCA at their annual Daytona Classic on May 5&6. Nearly forty points chasing GT and StockCar racers are expected, including PorterField Enterprises V8 GT-1 points leader Simon Gregg in his Derhaag Motorsports Corvette., two time 2011 winner Charles Wicht in his Rocketsports chassis Corvette, four time class champion, Dave Machavern in his Riggins Engineering Falcon, Bill Riddell in the sister Riggins Falcon, former champ Jeff Emery in his fast winged Monte Carlo, Tom Keleher in his strong running Camaro, and former IMSA Camel GT winner Bob Borders in his Corvette, to name just a few in the V8 GT-1 class. The V8 GT-1 cars are basically the same as the SCCA Trans Am Series cars and at Daytona, the fastest can top 200 mph and cut laps around 1:47.

The Crane Cams V8 Series has three other classes of fast, high horsepower racers. In the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 class, Points leader Keith Goldin will be on hand in his Riggins Engineering built ex Grand Am Rolex GT Mazda RX8. Goldin is one of the lucky ones that has competed in the Rolex 24, driving the same car with brother Steve. Squeak Kennedy, driving the BEMCO Fabrication C6 Corvette will give Goldin a test. The V8 GT-2 cars are ex World Challenge, Rolex GT, SCCA GT-2 types and similar. The class is a mix of custom tube frame chassis and those built from factory cars. They are capable of hitting 180 mph at Daytona and running lap times under 2:00.

The V8 SPO class is comprised of ex Nascar Sprint Cup, Nationwide, ARCA, Hooters cars as well as the late model stock cars. The big ex Nascar and ARCA cars weigh 3400 pounds with driver and are allowed full cup motors making more than 800 horsepower. The much lighter late model types weigh in at about 2800 pounds and are limited to motors making about 650 horsepower. The formula works well and the two types are very, very close in performance. These car can hit 190 mph at Daytona and can cut lap times in the 1:53-1:56 range. Race winners in this class include former three time Nascar Goody's Dash Champ Larry Hoopaugh, ARCA & Grand Am competitor Bob Mitten, 2012 Crane Cams V8 Series class champ Paul Breehne and former champ Lee Arnold.

Just maybe the "best bang for the buck" or more aptly put, "the most speed for the buck" in road racing is found in the V8 GTA class. These are high performing, perimeter, tube frame stock cars weighing about 2800# with 500 horsepower. They utilize common and affordable short track stock car parts, and are riding on sticky but cheap ten inch wide stock car tires. These cars can be bought used in good condition for about twenty thousand dollars, yet they are capable of topping 180 mph at Daytona and running lap times in the 1:58-2:00 range. They feature safe, well designed and constructed chassis by some of the best car builers in the business. Look for 2011 champ Randy Walker, young Cameron Lawrence, Butch Kummer, Randy Gay, Hall Robertson and others to put on a show at Daytona.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series wishes to thank the Central Florida Region SCCA and its staff for the great job they do hosting these events. CFR SCCA holds three race events at D.I.S. each year plus the April driver school and PDX.

The Crane Cams V8 StockCar Series wishes to thank its' partners for their support, and they are:
Crane Cams, SCCA, RaceCar Engineering,Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing,, GoPro,, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar,, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine

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Entry list for May 5 - 6, 2012 SCCA/V8Stockcar Group 4
3 ASR Jack Dunn Orange 1991 Shelby Can Am
4 SPO Robert "Bosco" Logsdon Yellow/Black 2010 Chevrolet Corvette
4 SPO Squeak Kennedy Yellow/Black 2010 Chevy Corvette
5 GTA Chad Jorgensen Red and white 1993 Olds Cutlass V8
7 GT1 Ramin Cocoziello White 2005 Chevy Corvette Kennedy Kars
8 GT1 Robert Borders black 2002 chevy corvette self
9 GT1 Simon Gregg orange 2005 Chev Corvette Gregg Motorsports
12 SPO Tad Segars blk/siver 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix kimrey
16 GT1 Tom Keleher Silver 1995 Chevrolet Camaro Bottlejack Racing Group
17 SPO William Thomas blue/grey 1989 ford mustang stork express
19 GTA Ricky Sanders Black 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo PITBOXES.COM/RACETRAILERSALES.COM
20 SPO Robert Mitten orange 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo
23 GTA Cameron Lawrence White 2000 Chevy Impala SS Regal Boats
25 SPO Eric Servick white and green 1994 lumina nascar weather control a/c
29 GTA Randy Gay white 2002 Dodge Intrepid Taget / V8stockcar
31 SPO Henry Gilbert White/Red 2004 Riley DP Sports Car Driving Experience/Hooked on Driving/Gilbert Racing Series/Pirelli
33 GT2 Terry Taylor blue 1970 datsun 240z made ya look racing/DAWSONS MOTORSPORTS/COMPETITION CLUTCH
41 SPO Richard Bates silver 2012 Chevy Camero Big Cypress Tiki Huts
48 SPO Bobby Kennedy black 2011 Chevy camaro Kennedy Kars/
51 AS Allen Bailey White / Blue 1995 Ford Mustang Bob's Speed Products
56 ASR Jim Clark Red 1990 Shelby Can-Am JB Racing / Troysport
57 GTA Butch Kummer Red 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo B.K. Racing / Crane Cams /
60 GT1 Robert McElheny Red 1996 Chevrolet Camaro Gator Ford
62 GTA Hall Robertson White/Red 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo Farner Barley Associates
65 AS Andrew Wilkin Black/Silver 1983 Ford Mustang Wilkin Performance Automotive
68 GT3 Sid Collins white 1972 Porsche 911 Troysport
69 GT1 Raymond Webb blue-orange 2004 Chevrolet corvette Kenco Sign and Awning
72 SPO Mike Donohue White/Blue 2001 Pontiac Gran Prix Camelot Express Trucking
74 GTA Aj Henriksen silver 2011 chevrolet camaro engineered components/v8 stockcar series
75 GT1 Charles Wicht red/black 2010 Chevy C6 Corvette ROLEX DEALERS of the KEYS/V8stockcar
77 ASR Sam Lockwood White 2008 Diasio D962R / Mazda Raceworks
82 GT2 Ernest Wilding Silver and Red 1995 BMW M-3 FAS Windows & Doors
86 ITO Beau Borders Red 2005 Toyota Scion TC LDP Motorsports LLC.
88 GTA Roger Reuse Black/Orange 2010 Chevy Camaro
89 GTA Bobby Reuse Black/Yellow 2010 Chevy Camaro
90 SPO Paul Breehne Red 2010 Ford Mustang RoushYates Performance Parts
0 SPO Ron Stanley white/blue/red 2006 Dodge Charger Pelican water
01 SPO Lee Arnold Black 2010 Chevy Impala
106 SPO Mary Wright Blue 2009 Ford Fusion Competition 101 Driver Developement
08 SPO Keith Goldin Black 2005 Mazda RX8 Goldin Brothers Racing
157 SPO Charles Lee red 1957 chevy corvette bob's speed products
173 GT2 Mark Griffith Orange 1973 Porsche 911 RSR Troysport
181 GTA William Minnear black/white yellow 2000 chevy monte carlo leading edge

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V8stockcar Daytona race results: (

05-18-2012, 09:58 AM

Historically, the Crane Cams V8 Series visits Daytona International in August when temps can top 100 degrees. This year, the series scheduled Daytona in early May with the Central Florida Region SCCA looking for a "little" reprieve from the heat. The result.............It was still HOT. The track surface was around 150 degrees, but the racers were willing and the outstanding competition just added to the heat.

The heat, however, didn't seem to bother Simon Gregg and the Derhaag Motosports "machine", as they once again grabbed the overall and Porterfield Enterprises V8 GT-1 pole on Saturday morning. Gregg's, Jim Derhaag built Corvette has been freakishly reliable, with fifty nine straight races without a DNF coming into the weekend. They would leave with two more. The father and son team of Kenny and Jordan Bupp are always a threat wherever they show up and this weekend would not be any different. Kenny, a veteran of many IMSA Camel GT and Trans Am wars was in his trusty Riley & Scott chassis Camaro and Jordan was piloting his Hoerr chassis Corvette. Kenny took the second overall spot in qualifying with a 1:51.794 clocking on a very slick track. Jordan slotted in third in the Hamilton Safe/Horsepower Sales Corvette with Bob Borders taking the fourth spot in his Corvette.

Former Nascar Goody's Dash champ Larry Hoopaugh grabbed the fifth overall spot and tops in the V8 SPO class. New Smyrna Beach, Florida's Ron Stanley grabbed the second spot in the class in his ex Nascar Cup Dodge Charger. V8 GT-1 drivers Tom Keleher and Charles Wicht nailed down the next two slots. Wicht lost an SB2 Chevy motor in the process and would spend the rest of the weekend thrashing to get ready for Sunday afternoon's final.

Keith Goldin was tops in the LG Motorsports V8 GT2 Class in the Goldin Brothers Racing Mazda RX8. The car is a former Grand Am Rolex GT entry that has competed in several Rolex 24 Hour races. Ernest Wilding grabbed the second spot in his BMW M3 with Sid Collins third.

Three veterans of the short track stock car racing world grabbed the top three spots in V8 GTA with Alabama's Roger Reuse and brother Bobby taking 1st and 2nd with Ricky Sanders, son of Georgia racing legend Ronnie Sanders slotting in third. In his best qualifying effort at Daytona, Hall Robertson nailed the fourth spot. Former track record holder Butch Kummer had some mechanical gremlins that kept him from challenging for the pole.

The green dropped on the field at 2:24 on Saturday with Gregg holding off the Bupp's into turn one......but barely. Jordan slipped by dad Kenny and went hunting the smooth driving Gregg. The trio ran within a few car length's for the first few laps when Jordan began suffering a double whammy, a loss of rear brakes and blistered rubber. Kenny Bupp moved past Jordan and valiantly gave chase to the fleeing Gregg. Kenny Bupp, at 75 years young still has the physical endurance, skill, determination and maybe more importantly, the racecraft to deal with racers less than half his age. The elder Bupp finished on the podium at the SCCA Trans Am race at Road America in 2010 and this weekend put everyone on notice that he can still get it done.

Back in the field, Larry Hoopaugh was charging up from his last place starting spot as result of being late to the grid. Hoopaugh was on a mission to get to the front, sliding the car through the infield chasing front running Ron Stanley in his Nascar Cup Dodge Charger.

The V8 GTA racers were going at it, with the " Alabama Gang", Bobby and Roger Reuse battling with Ricky Sanders while Cameron Lawrence was on the move trying to get into the fight.

In V8 GT-2, Keith Goldin led early but quickly began suffering fuel pressure issues and dropped back. Ernest Wilding picked up the point and was outpacing Sid Collins Porsche 911 and William Thomas' Mustang.

When the checker flew, Gregg had a few second advantage over Kenny Bupp for the overall and V8 GT-1 win, with Jordan Bupp, not too far in arrears despite the handling and braking issues. Hoopaugh caught and passed a determined Ron Stanley for the V8 SPO win and fourth overall. Stanley had run a strong and impressive race and garnered his best ever finish in the series.

Roger Reuse got his first win at Daytona in the V8 GTA class, holding off the hard charging Ricky Sanders and brother Bobby. Cameron Lawrence came home fourth with Georgia's Randy Gay fifth in the ex Reed Sorenson ASA DELCO Dodge Intrepid.

Wilding got the V8 GT2 win with Collins and Thomas filling out the podium.

On Sunday, Simon Gregg again led the field to green and as before led every lap with the Bupp's right there to pounce if he slipped up.
Charles Wicht had finished up installing his new mill just in time to make the race, but had to start shotgun on the field. Wicht quickly carved through the slower cars and headed to the front. Jay Lawrence, Cameron's Dad and crew chief had been busy all weekend taking care of some mechanical issues that cropped up on the number 23 Regal Boats Impala but when it was time to go, the Lawrence Racing team was ready. Cameron was on fire in this race, the youngster has gotten used to winning this season and didn't want a repeat of Saturday's fourth place finish. He quickly dispatched his closest competition the Reuse brothers and was soon running in the sixth overall position and destroying the V8 GTA class record with a 1:57.007.

The race ended under a full course caution due to a couple of cars stuck off course and oil deposited in turn one.

Simon Gregg, Kenny Bupp, and Jordan Bupp were the top three overall and in V8 GT-1. Charles Wicht had charged up to fourth overall in his V8 GT-1 Rocketsports Corvette, followed by Larry Hoopaugh (first in V8 SPO), Cameron Lawrence (first in V8 GTA).

Robert Borders had a fine drive to seventh overall in his V8 GT-1 Corvette and Keith Goldin easily took the measure of the V8 GT2 field in his RX8. Goldin leads the class points at the halfway point in the season. ARCA racer AJ Henriksen was finding the handle on his brand new Camaro and had a good outing on Sunday.

While a number of our racers had a tough weekend battling the heat and mechanical gremlins, all agreed they will be ready to do it again at the big "D".

A big thanks goes out the CFR SCCA for hosting and sanctioning the weekend.

The V8 Series also thanks its' partners and they are: Crane Cams, SCCA, Porterfield Enterprises, LG Motorsports, Howe Racing,, GoPro,, Sunoco, Hoosier, Goodyear, FiveStar, RaceCar Engineering,, Roehrig-Enders, GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine, SafeRacer

Next up for the group is Charlotte Motor Speedway on August 18.

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