2008 Sportage V-6 spark plug replacement

03-28-2012, 08:38 PM
Have seen in forum spark plug rplcmnt procedures for 4 cyl but wondering who may have tackled the rear 3 plugs near the firewall; the front 3 near radiator are strght forward - remove cover plate; clear w/cmprssd air, twist and pull plug wires, cmprssd air in plug well, rmv plug
The rear plugs not so much
My understanding is the air plenum can be removed only, not requiring intake manifold removal to gain access to rear valve cover & plug wells btwn the camshafts.
There are 12 fasteners with 2 being just threaded studs (removal requires threading 2 nuts onto threaded shaft end and turn inside nut CCW which backs out the stud.

What I do not know is if there is a bolt loosening/tighteing sequence and what necessary torque is rqrd for each fastener; additional procedures of interest to decrease the pain frm lousy preparation.

Appreciate any benefit from references you may retain

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