stump and broke

02-28-2012, 10:50 AM
I have 1995 corolla dx with 4 cyc and auto transmission. The car died on me and Ive replace spark plug, wires, cap, rotor, and coil. It starts up now, except it has a bad miss in it, when it drive, i bounce around like I'm in heavy metal band. Very jerking and power come and go. I assumed it the fuel pump and filter. I replaced those and now it has a lot more power but the power still come and go. Check engine light came on and I shorted the diagnostic port and I got back codes that say. Oxygen sensor, knock sensor, and open air temperature sensor. I am broke I have no more money. Would any of those really really cause the power jerking?

I know I might not be clear, but it's so frustrating. Thank you.

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