01 LS 3.9 hesitates when Floored?

02-26-2012, 05:14 PM
Here is the History so Far,

car started missing- pulled codes got p0308 (water in plug well)
Checked other wells found some oil in a few.

Changed valve cover gaskets, installed new motorcraft plugs (pulled out motorcraft agsp-32F plugs, checked gap on existing plugs .044. Advanced Auto gave me agsp-32FM plugs. Gapped them same as old ones.044. Replaced CoP on cylinder 8 with a new one.

Car ran worse than before, (smelled Horrible),

Decided to reinstall old plugs, Reinstalled checked for oil in wells and all dry so gasket job worked. I did find a loose CoP connector when taking apart. (did not fix the problem tho. Not sure if the plugs are different 32F old- 32FM new. not sure what the M means after the F.

Put everything back together and car is running smooth again. Took for a long drive to make sure everything is OK. When i put the pedel to floor, the car hesitates and surges. Under normal driving conditions the car seems to run fine. (no missing, smooth acceleration, smooth idle). But when i floor it hesitates and surges, but seems fine when normal driving is resumed.

Checked for codes and only pulls up a p1565. From searching other post i find that this is from a bad clock spring. Which i do have to replace (airbag light blinks 3-2, and cruise control is a little whacky.

Will a bad clock spring cause the hesitation when floored?

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks

02-26-2012, 08:27 PM
Will a bad clock spring cause the hesitation when floored?

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks

No, it won't.

You need to replace the other seven COPs, and all spark plugs. This time, gap them to the correct gap, 0.041"

(Good COPs would work okay with the slight over gap 0f 0.044" that you set, but older marginal ones wouldn't.)

05-02-2012, 12:01 PM
1) Dirty, or bad MAF sensor.
2) Dirty throttle body.
3) Bad air/fuel filter
4) Plugged catalytic converter.
5) fuel pressure

You need plenty of Air, fuel, and exhaust for horse power.

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