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Master Chief C-West Lancer Evolution X

02-05-2012, 08:07 PM
A Halo addict's a Halo addict, and when I was contemplating on building this Aoshima C-West Lancer Evolution X (street version) that I got from a company Christmas party a bit over a year ago (2010), I thought of giving this a Halo theme so that the Master Chief Lancer Evolution VII WRC would have some company.

Interior-wise, it's stock, just gave it a two-tone scheme (gray is just a bit lighter than the black, just the way I like it) with some smoke-washed chrome accents. I changed the brakes to those cast from a Tamiya R34 Super GT kit. The air intake ontop of the grille (offset to the left) was enlarged as well. The color, was a remainder from a previous LanEvo project (the Master Chief LanEvo VII WRC), then topped off with three thin spraycoats of Tamiya Clear Yellow acrylic. The roof had the UNSC logo hand-drawn afterwards using an overhead projection marker, I retained the stock decals on the doors, painted the hood and trunk flat black, tinted the canopy using Tamiya Clear Yellow acrylic, then added a "117" stencil on the rear passenger windows as Halo's protagonist is John-117.

Here are the interior pics:

Exterior pics:

A shot of the UNSC logo on the roof, next to the Master Chief LanEvo VII WRC:

And some shots with the other evo:

(yeah, I do claim artistic license on the logos. hehehe. some WIP pics here:

And whaddya know...because of the two Master Chief Evos, I managed to score a pre-order copy of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (2nd prize) from a contest held by an online videogame magazine as the said game was about to be released at that time. hehehe. Maybe if I had a LanEvo V done in the same scheme at that time I might have scored the grand prize of a new Xbox 360 Slim with Halo-themed controllers and the game as well? ;)

Thanks for looking! :)

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