selling a 5spd for a GS??

01-27-2012, 09:50 PM
So i currently own a Ford Focus ZX3. i got a nice little set up too (flowmasters, wheels, etc). fun car and all, and love stick. but i THINK i would loooove all the amenities buick has to offer (like Cruise control!!! haha). and im a huge fan of Superchargers over turbos anyday.

anyways, does anyone who owns a GS or any fast automatic, miss driving stick shift?
i do about 500mi's a week, but the gas is not an issue. it just might be nice to not have to shift so much, but i cant tell for sure. (65%hwy and 35%cty)

anyways, im all ears on your thoughts for my "dilemma", haha.

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