no Power Wagon

01-17-2012, 09:51 PM
One of my four cars is a 1999 Ford Windstar. I use it to pull my trailer (less than 2000 lb loaded), to pick up large items from Mendards, on road trips and to camp in. I also use the Windstar when the snow is deep and have mounted 215/75R15 AT's on it.

This is a pretty handy vehicle to have around, but I don't like how bad the fuel economy is (21 mpg) and it's pretty top heavy for icy roads.

I've been thinking about replacing the Windstar with a wagon to improve fuel economy and get a lower CG.

The 1996-2000 Ford Taurus/Sable would be at the top of my list, but my wife says I can't park a Taurus near our house.

The 1997-2004 Audi A6 is also a big car with ok power and good looks, but it's not recommended for towing and the fuel economy is pretty bad.

The 1995-2002 Mercedes E320 is about the same size as a Taurus, is available in AWD, but is a rare car and interior space is given up for engine space. Also Mercedes says not to tow anything with it.

The 1999-2004 Saturn L-Series gets 29 mpg. It's pretty ugly though and I'd bet my wife wouldn't let me park this one near our house either. Also Saturn's towing capacity is only 1000 lb.

The 1997-2010 Saab 9-5 has pretty good power and towing capacity. It's not super ugly either. I'm scared about cost of ownership though. I'm guessing the cost of parts/service would be crazy?

The 2004-2007 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx has pretty good power output, but is not as big as the previous cars and the towing capacity is only 1000 lb. It's also kind of ugly and they cost a lot more than some of the others because it's a later model.

The 2000-2004 Subaru Legacy/Outback has good towing capacity, is AWD and isn't bad looking but is even smaller than the Malibu and is short on power.

The 1999-2007 Volvo V70 has good towing capacity, is available in AWD and some models aren't ugly, while others are. The V70 is the smallest car of the bunch. It also probably has the same issue as the Saab with ownership cost.

what are your thoughts on these makes and models?

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