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Seat heater not working

01-17-2012, 02:13 PM
I while back, I noticed my driver's side seat heater (the butt portion, the back still works) stopped heating. I recently decided to pull back the leather as I am hearing that usually a coil is just busted. Come to find out the heater pad near the back of the seat was all bunched up in the middle and no longer stuck to the foam like most of it. Upon further inspection, I found there were three loose wires (one black, one black with blue stripe, and one yellow) coming up through the gap where the seat meets the back from the plastic harness connector not connected to anything, just loose laying there. There is one black wire that is attached to the heater pad and it appears as though the pad is still in decent shape. Question is, where are those loose wires supposed to be connected?!? Sould they all be connected to the heater pad?

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