Lincoln LS valve cover torque & fuel rail installation

01-11-2012, 11:11 PM
Hello, I am new to the forum. I have 2002 LS V6 and just got done doing the dreaded PCV elbow. This snowballed into a tune-up which I had oil on the plug boots, so valve cover gaskets. My question is what is the torque specs for the valve cover and any tips? I bought a two new ones from FORD. Also putting the fuel injectors back in place. Anything I should do to them? Can they be cleaned? Should I clean the hole where the injector goes? If so with what cleaner? For installing the upper intake...What cleaner do I use for that... I read somewhere to use brake cleaner but My thought is rubber and brake cleaner don't mix well.. Oh yea this car has 160k


01-12-2012, 07:46 AM
The torque spec for the valve cover bolts is 10 Nm or 89 in-lbs. There is a torquing sequence in the service manual for the valve cover bolts. If you send me a Private Message with an e-mail address and what information you're seeking (somedays I get several requests and cannot keep all usernames straight) I'll send you a PDF excerpt from the service manual.

What kind of tips are you looking for, tips for installing the valve cover gaskets? That's basically make sure all surfaces that the gasket is trying to seal against are clean and dry.

If it appears there is debris in the holes for the fuel injectors, I'd suggest you clean them. You don't want dirt and stuff to fall in the the intake, so I'd suggest a cotton swab or pipe cleaner moistened with clean engine oil to attempt to grab the debris and let you lift it out. Use a light film of clean engine oil on the fuel injector o-rings when reinstalling. For future reference, you shouldn't need to remove the fuel supply rail and injectors to replace the PCV elbow, it should come out as an assembly with the lower intake manifold.

For installing the upper intake, I'd just suggest you use a shop towel and wipe the gasket dry on both side. You could moisten the towel with isopropyl alcohol if there's a lot of oily residue on it.


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