thinking about buying a z...questions

kenwood guy
12-31-2011, 06:22 PM
Hello all... I have been thinking about buying a z car for myself and have done a lot of research about the different year models and the debate on the auto vs Manuel transmission.... I plan on buying a used 05 and up model as it seems the z cars that are older had some minor issues but at the same time it also seems some problems have carried themselves throughout the generation and into the 370z.... so i will have look go over it with a fine tooth comb.. The question I have at this point is about the Manuel Z cars and the well known clutch chatter issue.. I know this is normal however, I have yet to see a general agreement on how to make it a bit more quite if need be... I have read that a higher viscosity oil helps and i have also read that increasing the engine idle helps too.. has anyone done both to there car?? I'm in the process of learning to drive a Manuel car but have experience riding a motorcycle so i don't think it will be hard for me.... the auto seems cool to me but i don't plan on driving the car in traffic as it will pretty much be a Sunday car.... I want a "driving experience" can I get that with an auto z??? I drive a fleet truck all week and it would be nice to have something fun to drive on the weekend any input is really appreciated
thank you guys

05-20-2012, 09:47 AM
YES! I have to have an automatic because of a metal plate in my left ankle. My z is so fun to drive because the paddle shifters let me shift gears without using a clutch. Great fun

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