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Universal wiring harness recommendation ??

12-28-2011, 05:30 AM
Hey all,

I've come here before and got great advise and responses ... so here goes another one.

I've got an 1984 S10 with a 2.8L v6 and the truck has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and now I'm looking at replacing all the existing wiring with an aftermarket harness. I've been looking at all the usual suspects (painless, american automotive, LMC truck, Summit, etc.) and they all seem to be similar harnesses.

1. Has anyone re-wired their truck with an aftermarket kit ??
2. What did you use ??
3. How was the install ??
4. tips, tricks, pro's, con's ??

Some truck specs:
- 2.8 L rebuilt v6
- auto transmission (no overdrive)
- carburator (with electric fuel pump)
- stock dash (but maybe an aftermarket gauge kit in the near future)
- a possible v8 / auto trans swap in the future (done a couple before, so I'm familiar with the electrical requirements and also, the v8 motor under my workbench is screaming at me for a home !!)
- no big electrical components (small stereo system, driving lights) pretty standard electrical stuff.
- ignition in the column, but could replace with a dash mounted key switch.

Any advise or comments are appreciated ...

thank, duggie

91 bird
12-28-2011, 08:04 AM
i have heard of painless being pretty good. i have not had the opportunity to do a rewire yet.

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