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erratic fuel level sender cheap fix, links and question

12-19-2011, 03:25 PM
Regarding the fuel level sender fix for a Bonneville detailed here:

I am wondering if anyone here can confirm whether that part number, GM part # 15824379, will be the same for my 2001 LeSabre?

If this is in fact the same on the LeSabre, here is a great youtube link of a guy doing it on his Bonneville:

If it is the same part, I intend to buy it here -

- for $22.30!

But is it the right part? I can't figure out how to confirm other than asking here... thank you in advance!

12-19-2011, 03:32 PM
try you can search for the part #, and it will show what it applies to.

12-19-2011, 04:00 PM
I should have mentioned I tried that. Rockauto does report that number as AC Delco part PT2262 but it does not show what vehicles it belongs to. I think the problem may be that it is a sub-part within the "fuel level sensor."

12-19-2011, 11:20 PM
2001 BUICK LESABRE 3.8L V6 : Fuel/Air : Fuel Level Sensor WikiPriceACDELCO Part # SK1035 {#25330713, 88963638} DUAL PRONG LOCKING FEATURE WITH LOOSE CPA CLIP $104.79 Add ( ( SENSOR KIT,FUEL LVL

Part Part # SK1030 {#25326326, 88963639} replaces 25326326 ( ( SENSOR KIT,FUEL LVL SINGLE PRONG LOCKING FEATURE W/O LOOSE
CPA CLIP $140.79

Buicklesabre(2000 - 2001)
Buickpark avenue(2000 -2001)
Cadillac deville2000
Oldsmobileaurora(1998 - 2003)
Pontiacbonneville(2000 - 2001)

12-20-2011, 10:05 AM
Ohhh, so to get the list of cars it's for you have to click on the SK#. I see now. Thank you HotZ28. I guess I'm good to go for my $30 fix with the Blazer part or whatever it is originally.

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